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Our Family

We are a family oriented team of great leaders. We treat our members, affiliates, and trainers with respect and value each other. Georgia Favor House has a southern hospitality like no other. We plan family events and gather as we race in tournaments. Our mission is to build a wonderful team environment as we groom our members to be respectful leaders and runners for the good life.

Participate with us in our extracurricular activities and family events. Let’s run towards a more prosperous goal as we challenge individuals in our many competitions. We have set aside a mountain of love and are committed to being more involved in our children’s lives. Our programs are structured to support our children academically, mentally, spiritually, and physically.

We welcome all to be a part of a caring home. Georgia Favor House is the facility to be a part of a growing family whose passion is to be greater each day. Be a part of a unique organization and run the race with us to stop gang violence, drugs, crimes, and counterproductive activity. Parents can volunteer their services as we engage in positive activities geared to break records and reach new heights. We celebrate the many achievements and challenge our runners to Stay Active!