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About Us

Our mission at Georgia Favor House is to motivate and inspire local youth and their families through personal fitness and physical education programs. We aim to build athletic spirits through engaging and fun recreational activities, ultimately sending our kids on a path straight to success.

In the future, GHF hopes to provide several awards as well as gifts, grants, and scholarships for our children with unlimited potential.

Our Leaders

Subrenia notes the scripture passage Luke 12:48: “Much is required from the person to whom much is given.” She is thankful for her blessings and will continue to drive the College Park community through Georgia Favor House with a heart full of compassion, a mind to serve the common needs of the people, and a body full of vigor.

As President and Founder of Georgia Favor House, Subrenia also holds a USATF Level 1 Coach Certification.

Subrenia is joined by Rex Willis, Sr., Georgia High School Association Certification, USATF Level 1 Coach Certification


Georgia Favor Track Club
1926 John Calvin Avenue
College Park, Georgia 30337